Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 The other morning started out quite normal. I don't have job... so naturally I spent the morning watch Titanic on TV. 
Just after the initial impact of the iceberg, I heard a loud crash. 
Confused and a little nervous (I live in Detroit) I peered out my peep hole. 
Nothing. Nobody in the hallway.

Then I looked down. 
Water was slowly seeping in under the door. 
I rushed to get a towel and then realized that one towel would NOT be enough.
I opened the door to find ...

Nothing short of a waterfall. 
Dozens of gallons of water pouring out by the second.

I was able to stop most of the water by using every towel in the house. 

Please note the irony of watching Titanic during this crisis. 

This poor guy held the broken pipe with his hand for 45 minutes until back up arrived.
Talk about pressure! Pun totally intended.
In the end there was 3 inches of water in the hall and a rainforest for the floors below. I am so happy that I was home to catch most of the flood. Now I need new towels.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I definitely noted the irony of watching Titanic at the time... That kind of stuff doesn't usually happen! Funny that you got a picture of that guy, though. Hehe! Sounds like an exciting day! And now you have a valid excuse to buy new towels. :)