A Taste of Me

                I am Rachel Marie.                           Married to this guy.

We live here and love it.

Remember how Mary Poppins said "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down"?
Well I think that a
Daily Dose of Chocolate
makes life taste just a little sweeter.

I love chocolate. I could eat chocolate all day everyday.
I love the rich, velvet flavor. I love the feeling of a thick layer of chocolate engulfing my mouth each time I indulge. I love the warm sensation as it slips down my throat. I love to drink in that delectable smell that is almost strong enough to fill you up.

Some day I would like my title to be:
 Rachel Marie; Chocolatier
It has a nice ring to it yeah?
Mostly I would just like to eat chocolate as a career.
This also explains my desire to be like
Willy Wonka.
Pick whichever Wonka speaks to your inner child and chocolate sense.
I like both.
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You might have guessed after expressing my love for chocolate, that I really enjoy being in the kitchen. I love cooking and baking. I take pleasure in trying new recipes and creating some of my own. Allen teases that when I bake I get every possible dish or utensil in the kitchen dirty. I ask you... Is there any other way to cook? Truth be told, I am not very good. Don't you worry, there is NOT a quitter behind this type writer. I am in the kitchen baking and cooking all the time. I am getting pretty good at cookies and cinnamon rolls. My dream is still to attend culinary school. I want to know the secrets (aka fundamentals and basics) of the kitchen. I also have a specials place in my heart for Paris, France. I spent a semester there on a study abroad.

This explains my desire to be like
Julia Child
or Madame Child en francais.
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I recieved my BA in political science. I particularly enjoy political history. Learning the ins and outs of politics is insightful and frustrating in one breath. Determining policy is never an easy task. However, I firmly believe that we each have a resposibility to be active and informed politically. As a religious woman who has an educational background in government, I believe I have an even greater responsibility to be politically involved. I am not announcing my candidacy for President by any means, but I do think that volunteering, active community membership, sharing information, and of course voting are my responsibility.
Further, I am all for women's rights. Women can make a powerful impact on the world. Women can achieve greatness. However, as women we fought for equality. We did not fight to BE men. Men are wonderful, but women by nature are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually differnt than men. I admire those women in intense political (or other) positions and remain feminine. They stay true to those qualities that are given to women by a loving Heavenly Father. It is possible to be powerful and feminine. Difficult, you bet, but definitely possible.

This explains my desire to be like
(my hero)
Condoleezza Rice

Lately I have been trying my hand at sewing. I enjoy the engineering of it all. You can cut out a pattern and peice it all together just so and VOILA - it turns into an article of clothing. Sewing allows me to be creative and make something completley unique that fits me perfect. I can tweek and add details as mush I as I see fit. I can express my own style by designing what I wear. I also like that I get a finished product. I find such a sense of satisfaction and fullfillment when I have a tangible finish line. I am still a beginner and certainly not ready to venture out of the world of cotton, but I have dreams of silk, velvet, satin, lace, and chiffon.

This explains my desire to be like
Gabrielle Coco Chanel
Several years ago my Dad had some surgery on his back. While recovering the doctor told him he should look into yoga. My Dad looked at his doctor as if he had told him to eat an old boot. Yoga, not in a million years. Finally the doctor convinced him that it would really help his recovery. So my Dad begged me to tag along as he could not possibly go alone. So we went. Fast forward 10 years. My Dad practices yoga on a regular basis. He sounds like an infomercial. He swears yoga has saved his life. He was not the only one that was hooked. I couldn't believe the transformation in my body and mind. While practicing yoga I noticed an increase in my ability to focus, strengthened endurance while working out, I slept like a dream each night, and most importantly, I noticed an improvement in my mood. I felt positive and upbeat. I felt uplifted and light. I felt happy. Yoga has helped control my mild bouts of depression that seem so debilitating. Yoga became and continues to be my anti-depressant. I feel so clear after a good practice. I now teach a weekly class for beginners. I love it. I love watching others discover yoga. I believe it can truly alter lives and bring happiness.
This explains my desire to be like
Patahbi Jois
This explains my desire to be like
Audrey Hepburn
Allen and I are both news junkies.
We come home after work and have a conversation that is similar each night. Just fill in the blanks with the latest headlines.
 "Did you read... and I read that... and then... that reminds me of..... I thought that.... what do you think about.... I also read.... CNN said.... In the Charlotte Observer.... What do you think about..... An article in the Economist.... I was thinking that.... and what about.... Drudge Report had a headline... Do you think.... The Washington Post... The New York Times.... Al Jazeera.... Do you read BBC?"
I also usually throw in a People Magazine comment. I am quite versatile.

This explains my desire to be like
 Christiane Amanpour.