Monday, September 12, 2011

Living with my Parents

This morning Allen and I left our apartment for the day. 
In typical fashion, I refused to take the stairs and told Allen I would meet him in the lobby after the elevator carried me there. It was 7:45am... like I am going to take the stairs. 
As I approached the elevator a man was locking his door and leaving for work. 
Naturally I held the elevator for him.
He entered the elevator and said, 
"How neighborly of you!"

I responded,
"My pleasure!"

He said,
"No really, I am impressed with how kind you are."
Then he added...
"Make sure to tell your parents that I am impressed!"
My parents?

I smiled and said..
"I sure will!"

Cause I am 16?
And still live with my parents?
Regardless I called my Mother and told her he was impressed.

A photo of me this morning :)

May my youthful looks last a lifetime!

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